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    html pages or id=?&

    dynamic pages take less space. i like my websites to be dynamic, but search engines dose not give much importance to dynamic page. is it possible to give meta tags descreption in the .php pages where you have 2,000 pages of content. i mean all 2,000 dynamic page will have different meta tags.

    and is it right that html pages get more importance in search engines.
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    Quote Originally Posted by harmu.com
    ... is it right that html pages get more importance in search engines.
    Is it wrong?

    The way I look at it, it depends upon where you stand. If you enjoy some benefit, it's right. If you suffer some deficiency because of it, it's wrong.

    But from the point of view of the SEs, it's their game. They get to decide how it's done. We can either play along enthusiastically, grudgingly accept the "rules" and play along anyway, or simply refuse to play.

    Choice is marvelous, is it not.
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    URL Rewriting through .htaccess files are a brilliant way of having the benefit of dynamic pages and also appeasing the search engines by "showing" .html files

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    search engines dose not give much importance to dynamic page
    Search engines cannot tell the difference between a static page or dynamically created page, it's all html to them. How could they? Perhaps if your page ended in .php or similar but they are still just following a link.

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    The pages that search engines wont find are those that contain a ? in the address where there is no actual link to a specific page (such as when the search string is dynamically generated from a form. Provided that you have ordinary links to those pages it shouldn't make any difference except with poorer search engines that disregard any page with a ? in the address rather than working out what the page actually contains.

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    i was actually planning to make a script

    a script that writes a static html page dynamically. it will comsume some space, as html pages will take some space and the php will not take much space. but then am still thinking, let's see!!!!!!!!!!1

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    Really.... look at .htaccess

    As someone said it's not the file type that the search engines don't like it's in the URL where they fall down abit. You'll a (slightly) get better rating if you rewrite your urls to match the content of the page

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    As felgall quite rightly says - its the actual URL that engines have a problem with (not all - but enough.)

    The solution is let your server serve dynamic pages but show the bots a 'friendly url'. Here are a couple of links that may help.

    ALA Friendly URL's

    Mod Rewrite 'n .htaccess

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