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Thread: date() help - calculate number of days elapsed

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    date() help - calculate number of days elapsed

    i have a script that stores the date that a member joins using

    $date = date('d-m-Y');

    i want to be able to check the current date,
    and then find out how many days have past
    since the member's join date.

    ideally it should end up as

    $elapsed = 12;

    if 12 days have past.

    so i can just check $elapsed and if it is less than 30 days
    since the user joined i could offer a discounted purchase

    sort like this ...

    $cur_date = date('d-m-Y');

    function get_join_date(){

    //calculate the number of days elapsed,
    //and store it as a number in a variable
    //named $elapsed


    if( $elapsed <= 30 ){
    //show discounted purchase link
    } else {
    //show regular purchase link

    can anyone help with the code for the function?
    I'm assuming it is not as simple as subtracting the
    $cur_date from $join_date and storing it as $elapsed


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    Use time() and mktime() to form UNIX timestamps that can be subtacted from one another to get the diffrance.

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    Quote Originally Posted by aussie girl

    thanks all.

    thanks aussie girl, that works perfectly!

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