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Thread: Map Quest, display MAP only on website...?

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    Map Quest, display MAP only on website...?

    If you go to the following url:


    After you submit a location it shows a map, image is called "mqserver".

    Below is the url found in their source that displays the map only.

    Has anyone been able to decipher their code so you can just "plug" in street address, city, state, zip in the url itself from variables you specify in php?

    PHP Code:
    <img src="http://map.web.mapquest.com:80/mq/mqserver.dll?e=1&GetMapDirect.1=ef24iEoj%3FgN*DHaZm2%3BdC%3DH%2C%27pM+d%21p%7Ew.%40H8%60rVLXh%2BIFE%241Xl5%28P%26fs%213%7D_5oZBNx%24bbz8SiYR%7D+fDtf84gd0xdoT%7B%2BY%21%2Fd%5D7ic%2BnA%2F%7CSFf%26N%3C%26%2B*R%60zdM%7CZB%40zW%27w%3EgG1x58%2C%26r%3A4z%29%7EhC*%23nB%3Ed%3CRp%233TCor+CMa%5Em%5EZmL6eyEW%5EcKOWcy%23AE%23hCGo%3E0%28%7Bb%21%21qktAyJmSxWG%7BT3%5BRN_Qv%3BUt%3Al%3FC%3C%7DzAK%28m%26%26%21iZZS%3BASR%2BP%3CD%5B_CY-sIs%7C_prm%24uT%3AszhDJKy%40%24rX%3APj5LZ%7Do1sGkH%22X8C%7E%3D%5DKcQeX5kf%60rhpbab4Z%2F%22Q%3F%28r+VL9l1cx%3A6v.Ab%26%40fmTWN%40%3DR2%229n%28%7B_*.%29%21W%60ZeW%3BkS4C%3BM4.w%7DF%274%5EI%3FPRPT%21v%239o8%3F%2Fn3F%28w%7B%5EA%7D%3BHtd*ub-%5D%60zf%7E%2FZQI%246Fh0%5D7%2B%24As%25n_ZEj5q%7BARSdgl%27D%22%3BP+Z*lN%27%7C%23oxQWrl%2C%3CD97yG%3BL6+Tc5de," width="663" height="507" alt="Map" title="Map" id="map1" name=map1 class="map"/> 

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    so you want to work around their already available solutions?

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    Im going to assume that the image src URL is just a session referance value and holds no real data.

    Allowing a user to interface with the map generating engine would leave it open to people like yourself trying to hack it.

    Curl could do what you are asking, but I would not advise it.
    If mapquest wanted users to do what you are asking they would have an API for it.

    Edit: cross-over, theres your API thanks Chazzy

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