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Thread: Loading a directory of images

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    Question Loading a directory of images

    I am working on a photo gallery that uses a javascript to produce a slider of photos scrolling through a finite list of images.

    My question for everyone is whether javascript can read a directory on the server and load the list of .jpg file into an array that can be passed via a variable?

    My ultimate goal is to have the user scroll through the list of jpg's in a directory and on a double click event display a large image of the jpg on the screen.

    Any suggestions?

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    Javascript is a client side programming language..
    The client (the "browser") interprets the code.
    Therefore you can not read or write to files.

    look into ASP.net or PHP

    CAN we please add a FAQ in the header of the forum about reading and writing files via internet ?

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    I found a PHP script not long ago that allows me to view my directories files. It looks similar to javascript and I was able to modify it somewhat. If you have a directory that only has images in it, I bet you could use it if, you learn a little more about PHP
    The PHP is 2k and the html is another 1k
    It's going to be some work?

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