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Thread: Where do I learn PHP? (Not a dumb question!)

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    Where do I learn PHP? (Not a dumb question!)

    Where do I go to learn PHP?
    Not a dumb question (I think!).
    I can program very well in other languages.
    I don't need to learn about loops and if statements.
    What I'm unfamiliar with are web technologies: like session variables etc.
    Also... not familiar with how PHP fits into the HTML code.

    Would I be best off with a book?
    (Even if it means a lot of it will be wasted since I don't need to learn about programming?)

    Any pointers would be helpful.



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    I was in a similar situation, I'd done C++ for a few years, and I learned from a book called Beginning PHP5, Apache, and MySQL Web Development (Programmer to Programmer) from Wrox. Got me up to speed fast and made for a decent reference. There are lots of good tutorials and stuff on the web though, you almost don't need a book if you get good at browsing docs and googling.
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