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Thread: iFrame and Anchor Point problem

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    iFrame and Anchor Point problem

    I have a 'parent' page with a select box which in turn targets an iFrame within the 'parent' page.

    The results shown for each selection option are on one 'results' page...with anchor points for each one. The options point to specific anchors on that 'results' page.

    However, as the iFrame is about 150px from the top of the page, the page jumps to that anchor point in the iFrame window and I lose the top navigation of the 'parent' window because of this.

    Is there a way to stop this happening and just jump to the anchor point within the iFrame and not make the 'parent' page jump too??

    I hope this make sense to somebody and can help me out!


    Chris W

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    post a link to better visualise the problem..


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    yes, please put a link or code so we can see..

    ..i'm just thinking that maybe you can include a onload javascript command in your parent page to alway put the focus to the top...


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