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Thread: Streaming videofile. Why does the visitor have to download it instead of streaming it

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    Question Streaming videofile. Why does the visitor have to download it instead of streaming it

    How can I control if a Video (wmv) has to be completely downloaded to be viewed or if it starts playing while the rest of it is still being downloaded?

    In Detail: I've cut a showreel for an actress for her website and I've converted it in Adobe Premiere Pro 2.0 to a 9,6mb wmv file. I'm linking to to it directly from her website (it's not embedded). When the user clicks on it, he has to download it completely before the player starts playing it instead of the player sarting playing it after a few seconds while the rest of the viedeo is being downloaded while he watches it.

    Where do I have to make the settings - and which ones? Does it depend on the server it's on?? Do you have suggestions for a completly solution? I've looked into using the wimpy av "player" but I don't like the quality output...

    I would appreciate your help since I'm pretty new to using web video...


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    If you are linking to a file that is on a web server and not a server with windows media services, I believe the only option is to download. True streaming of WMV files needs the windows media services on a server. Then the file is linked to using an asx, wsx or direct link.

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    Thanks Tim,

    I didn't know that. Can you think of a different solution, rather than using the Windows Media Format? I don't really care what video format (Quicktime, Real, Windows) I am using, as long as quality and filesize are reasonable.

    Maybe someone has a completely different solution?

    I mean a lot of websites have good quality video (streaming) online - what am I doing wrong or haven't though of??? (As mentioned - i liked the idea of wimpy av but it doesn't work for me with bad quality like that)...

    Maybe someone knows a programme that converts video files to flash WITHOUT loosing quality and WITHOUT increasing the file size...

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