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Thread: newbie with javascript errors

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    newbie with javascript errors

    I have been getting javascript errors--one on top of another, sometimes blank and you just can't stop them. The anti-virus can't find a problem, but it did delete 12 Trojan items related to JS/dragdroplexpoit. When I turn on the computer I get a message that says McAfee found a suspect file and recommends a scan. The scan finds nothing. Yet when I hit F4 I get this series of javascript errors again. AOL says to disable active something, but that didn't help. Can anyone tell me what to do.

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    McAfee - is it a firewall or an anti-virus application? anyway the easiest thing you can do is to try another soft to kill those trojans. try this app http://www.fisioterapiautebo.com/pad...ad/tauscan.rar it helped me with such s h i t t y things many times. all you need to install tthe app you'll find inside the archive. let it update itself before the first scan.
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