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Thread: [RESOLVED] Can't Post New Thread????

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    resolved [RESOLVED] Can't Post New Thread????

    Getting Invalid Thread Specified error????
    Have I been naughty, or is there something suspicious in the code posted?
    Testing Testing Testing?????

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    That's just wierd. Now the post shows up. See Trouble with Export Query to Excel. Contacted Admin, wonder if they resolved?

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    No, it's not your fault. A word in the post you made triggered the spam filter. I have approved the thread which should now appear on the forum

    Joseph Palermo
    Jupitermedia Online
    Community Manager
    > The following message was sent to you via the WebDeveloper.com Contact Us form by tjmcd.
    > --------------------------------
    > Recieved "Invalid thread specified" warning upon submitting new thread.
    > Have I been naughty?
    > --------------------------------
    > Referring Page: http://www.webdeveloper.com/forum/sh...457#post703457
    > IP Address:
    > User Name: tjmcd
    > User ID: ----
    Thanks Joe

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