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    critique me BetterWindowsSoftware

    I am interested to see what the users of this forum think about my site: BetterWindowsSoftware.

    Here's my 50 word description of BetterWindowsSoftware.com: Software download site. Features include: * highlighting words that you search for (even when you come from Google, MSN, etc) * advanced search * RSS feeds for your search * similar software reports * where applicable, lists of titles downloaded by other users when downloading anything * top rated in category * software forums * more!

    My site was tested on multiple browsers, uses multiple CSS files with user selectable themes, some tables in the layout - lots of div tags, passes validation, hosted with a virtual dedicated server, hmm..... It should be viewed with a screen resolution of at least 1024x768, but lower resolutions will still work.

    I have been reading the meaningful reviews of other sites posted here and there are many things to learn from other users. I hope to get some good critiques - especially with respect to the site's usability and features.

    [author edit]
    Our mission statement is to provide a website that provides ...a better way to find and buy software. Objectively, this is something hard to measure - we feel that our site offers users the help where needed to help find software that they are looking for.

    With respect to "...a better way to find and buy software", is this applicable? Do you feel that something is missing - that would help users find software?

    We just added three new themes - "Vista-esque", "Blogger", and "Aluminum". Now, users have the option to select from 8 CSS styles! Now, there's something for everybody's taste.[/end author edit]
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    I think it should be "software better than windows" and have it all about macs

    good to see it passed validation (transitional though - which isn't hard)

    Hard to read navigation unless you mouse over it. Try another colour than the soft yellow.

    Maybe add some horizontal line or the like between each news item to make it easier to read and distinguish.

    Unfortunately you use a lot of unnecessary JavaScript. Your menu can be easily implemented with unordered lists and CSS.

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