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    News script

    Hi! I have just finished a music band website - it small - rectangle shape. I want to use there a news script - I don't know well php so I can't write on script. All I want is that script should have:
    - comments ( which can be displayed on the same site where news will be displayed ( I don't want kind of scirpts which will be showing comments on popup)
    - possibility of choice how much posts I will display on my web
    - I want that older posts will be available by clicking on page number ( you know: 1 page | 2 | 3 | 4 | ... )
    - I dont need layouts because I have lot of my own graphics, so I need the easiest version - ( scripts must have possibility of chosing fonts, bgcolors etc )

    Please help me because I'm desperate.. cya

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    sounds like a blog - try wordpress

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