Hello, i have a problem..
I have a textarea wich sets hard returns (wrap=hard) at the end of a line, further more a javascript counts the amount of lines. (More than four lines will cause an alert)
It validates on onkeyup

Everything works fine, if I type something and use the return on keyboard, type some more on the next line..press return..and so on till i've reached the 5 line an alertbox will tell me that the maximum amount of lines is reached.

The problem is when i don't use the return on my keyboard the script doesn't recognize the end of the line!
So i can type four lines without using return but let the tekstarea do it's work automatically. As you may know, a tekstarea automatically breaks lines during typing and i thougt that with the parameter i use: WRAP=HARD the javascript would recognize the hard returns.

I'll show you the script:

function validate() {
if (splitIndex > 4) {
alert('Maximum amount of lines reached')
tempTxt=document.selectForm.NOTES.value;document.selectForm.NOTES.value=tempTxt.substring(0,(tempTxt .length-2));
return false;
return true;
<SCRIPT LANGUAGE="JavaScript1.1">
function split(string,text) {
splitArray = string.split(text);
splitIndex = splitArray.length;
<form method="post" name="selectForm"><TR><td valign="top"><font size=2><b></b></font></td><td><textarea rows="18" cols="125" name="NOTES" style="font-family:times new roman;margin-left: 10;" wrap="hard" onkeydown="return validate();"></textarea>

Can anybody help me with this? There must be a way. I don't want to validate the amount off characters, just the amount of lines.
Thank you