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Thread: Converting Text from Points to Pixels (InDesign text to a Web page)

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    Converting Text from Points to Pixels (InDesign text to a Web page)

    I'm converting the contents of an Adobe InDesign file into a web page. The text in the InDesign file is in points and I need to accurately convert it into pixels for my web page. I know that screen resolution, user settings, etc play a role in how text is displayed on web sites so it won't be exact, but I'm looking to make it as close as possible. I've heard that .75 pt = 1 px is a rough estimate, but does anyone know a more accurate conversion?

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    That chart is total bunk. There is no relationship between px and pt.
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    For printing there are 72 points in an inch, but a user defines the pixels per inch for his screen.

    Best idea is to not enforce exact font sizes in pixels or points, but to use style sheets and relative sizes (em, %) based on what the visitor has set for his default body size.
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