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Thread: Long shot question from a beginner

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    Long shot question from a beginner


    im looking for some advice on a project im about to start.

    Basically ive had some basic knowledge in PHP in the past but im looking to move on to a higher level for this project.

    Im wanting to create a site where people will become members and interact with each other.

    It will all be based around bars and clubs.
    You register to the site and log on... go to your location (i.e - UK - England) then a club (i.e - Pacha) then you can leave messages on the page ect

    theres more to it but that the basics really

    where do i start and whats the main stuff i need to know

    thanks in advance
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    That sounds like a forum or blog. If that's the case, you might take a look at this thread, which provides forum software specs.


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