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Thread: Cannot drag & drop?

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    Cannot drag & drop?

    I am working with Adobe Photoshop 6.

    I open a new window and create an image in this window.

    Now when i try to type any text in this window, the whole of the window turns a pink color and i cannot see the text i am typing?

    However, if i select another tool, the text can be seen but it looks as if it has been cut out with a marquee tool as flashing lines appear around the text?

    It seems as if the window locks?

    Before i could just click the Text tool and type on the image and then i could move the text anywhere on the image.

    Please can u help?

    Thank u.

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    First thing I would check to see is what type of image your trying to edit...

    Make sure it's in RGB mode... Many times Gif's will act this way if they are in indexed color mode.

    You'll find this option under "Image"
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    sound like your using the type mask instead of the type tool

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