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    Question Help with forms..

    Hi all - I'm a bit of a newbie to forms, so sorry for this being so simple I'm sure.

    I've designed a form in Dreamweaver using formmail.asp method which works completely fine but, I'm trying to set up some field dependencies (not sure what the correct terminology is) i.e. - a menu list with car makes [Renault, BMW etc] then the next field would list the car model [Megane, XD5] (depending on the option you selected previously)

    I'm sure it's really simple but please could you assist me...

    Many thanks

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    You'll need JavaScript for that, however and mark this well, JavaScript can make a real mess of things. It fails for huge numbers of users. Go ask on the JavaScript forum but make certain that you have some sort of backup for the JavaScript free.
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    kirstyg14, I think you would be better off using server-side programming to pull up successive choice pages, each dependant on the choice made on the proceeding page.

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