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Thread: a file inside a file.

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    a file inside a file.

    Hi, I would like to know how to call a page from a different page using asp.

    I'm asking the user for a category in one page and after he sumbit the form, I check the category with asp and then call the right page accordingly.

    Is there a way to do it without "include", but rather with the original pages. (I don't want to switch all the html pages into inc pages)

    Thanks, Oz.

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    You can easily include an ASP or HTML file.
    It doesn't have to be an .inc file.

    It is even better to use .asp for your includes because .inc isn't parsed by the server and is send as clear text.

    So why not use include??

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    sounds like Response.Redirect is the tool ozpo1 is looking for
    Dim aaa
    aaa = Lcase(Request.Form("aaa"))
    Select Case aaa
    	Case "hello"
    		Response.Redirect "hello.asp"
    	Case "goodbye"
    		Response.Redirect "goodby.asp"
    	Case "login"
    		Response.Rdirect "login.asp"
    	Case Else
    		Response.Redirect "default.asp"
    End Select

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    ok response.redirect is also an option

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