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Thread: IIS and Server Side includes

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    IIS and Server Side includes

    Hi All,

    Please forgive this very basic question about using server-side includes on IIS. I am redesigning a site that has been built using Dreamweaver templates. I'd like to hack all of that template code out and replace it with SSI (header.html, footer.html, etc.). The issue is that I can't rename all of the pages index.shtml, etc. Because these are heavily bookmarked pages, I can't change the URL extensions to .shtml. Is there a way to configure IIS so that it treats .shtml as .html or .htm? I'm a php/MySQL developer. Forgive me, I know very little about IIS.

    Thanks very much

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    There isn't really any need to give it the .shtml extension. If the pages with .shtml contain ASP code, they won't work. I suggest just giving them a .asp extension. If the page doesn't contain ASP code, you could use the .inc extension.

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