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Thread: Can you Help me solve this <div> shifting issue?

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    Can you Help me solve this <div> shifting issue?

    if you look at this page in firefox,..it seems fine,..in IE 6 or 7 however,..the lower 3-column area shifts 4 pixels to the right,..about 80-90% of the time. 10 % of the time, when refreshing, it will shift into the proper alignment.

    here is the page


    on this next page, in ie7, the lower column area will appear when first loading the page, but if reloaded,...it completely dissapears...


    I am a fairly green web-developer,..and do greatly appreciate any help given here...


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    Wow... for 'green', you wrote some rather impressive code. Validates, semantically correct, etc. Kudoes & accolades to you.

    Perhaps to get rid of the '4-px' problem, add this to your first line of STYLE or CSS:

    body, html {padding:0; margin:0;}

    You are probably picking-up IE default 'padding' and/or 'margin' on body,html.
    "universal selector" * {padding:0; margin:0;} would remove padding & margin from everything, -most likely wrecking what you already have. Try "body, html {padding:0; margin:0;}" first and see if this helped.

    As for IE7, -I don't use v7, so I have nothing to add on that.
    I build for: Firefox and tweak for IE

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    I tried adding the comments, but it had no effect. Could it have anything to do with I.E. rendering the borders differently?? as they would add up to 4 pixels.....

    I guess what is confusing me the most is that it works in I.E. sometimes,...but not most of the time.... and yes,..i went through the validator and had a few errors that i fixed,..but now it's all valid html and css,...

    thanks for your input...

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