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Thread: phpBB setup problem

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    phpBB setup problem

    Hey guys,

    I created a website, not that great looking right now, that can be found at www.7th-corps.org.

    Ok here is my problem: I have unzipped it and created a folder called "forum" and that is all i know how to do. I have read a bunch of how-tos but i'm still super confused. My server provider is gate.com and I have a Windows server. Can someone tell me how to do this is "noob" terms?

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    1st download phpBB-2.0.22 on your pc from phpbb.org

    unzip it

    upload folder phpBB-2.0.22

    by any mean of ftp software

    after that it easy

    be cool

    go on do it, you can

    tel if every thing ok

    if not feel free ask for hep

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