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Thread: Webpage Viewability Problem .. Plz HELP !!

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    Unhappy Webpage Viewability Problem .. Plz HELP !!

    I have created at website at:


    but in Internet Explorer, then i set the text size to LARGEST (VIEW->Text Size->Largest) then the text size of the webpage still doesnt changess .. can someone please help me out??

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    IE doesn't seem to be able to change text size when the text is specified in pixel sizes, something they STILL haven't fixed in v7. I usually make sure text is large enough that most users would never need to resize it, and I would consider your text as too small - I don't use anything under 12px.


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    actually that is correct text size shouldn't change when its set to PX as PX is a static width the size of a pixel doesn't change so logically this is correct of IE but in practice this is wrong.

    you should define a font-size in the bode tag in PX but then all your text should be contained within the correct tags <p>, <h1> etc... which should have font-size:**em; which will make your text size dynamic.

    i have just started to use EM's for all fixed width layouts as it allows the site to expand with the user if they need a bigger font size

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