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Thread: Best BB software for user generated polls?

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    Best BB software for user generated polls?

    I am new to the Forum world, and I want to build (and/or add to my existing site) a "user generated polling" feature, but I'm not sure which of the many BB or CMS software available will help me the most.

    Goal: Allow my users to create their own rating polls for the community on the fly, and in some instances not require them to login to do so.

    Skill Level: Avid DW8 user w/strong HTML skills, but novice PHP skills (I can figure out enough to accomplish what I'm trying to do atm).

    S/W Requirements: It's look and feel should be easy to customize for someone with moderated developement skills. Also it needs to have the ability to allow the various "user poll" to be catagorized, and/or alphabetized.

    Any advice out there for me on this?
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