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Thread: The pains of testing in FireFox and IE

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    The pains of testing in FireFox and IE

    Is there a list somewhere, where I can read about the differences between what exactly IE does to it's html coding as opposed to Firefox.

    Because I just made a large DIV section with a bunch of div sub-sections to align everything. While it looked "perfect" in Firefox, when I loaded IE, to my disgust, it did not look proper. I cannot seem to get the same results in both browsers.

    Does it mean my html is bad?

    It's as if IE is throwing in unwanted borders around image backgrounds that I do not want.

    Another thing: IE automatically makes an image background the entire div width, while Firefox will cut off whatever part of the image goes outside of the width.
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    Have you tried doing your div widths and heights in percentages? Its alot easier and you may get better results. Is your doctype correct so IE isnt going in to quirk mode? Wouldnt be able to tell about your borders without viewing the source, linky to your page would be handy

    Also in firefox two tools that are really handy is IE tab (renders pages in a IE fashion within firefox) and the webdeveloper toolbar (validates all of your code and much more).
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    There are a lot of sites around about IEs quirks and bugs. Two are listed below. Another is positioniseverything.com

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