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Thread: Password Protect a Directory on a Windows Server.

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    Password Protect a Directory on a Windows Server.

    How do i manually password protect a directory on windows server? I've realised, that .htaccess doesn't work with windows servers.

    Is there an alternative?

    All help would be greatly appreciated.


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    you don't. u grant/deny permissions to specific users or groups

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    I'm having a similar sort of problem, however I am running Apache 2.0.59 as my webserver on Windows 2000.

    All information I've found on how to properly configure a .htaccess and .htpasswd set has assumed I was running under Linux. How would I have to set this up in order to make it work properly? The password required dialog box pops up, but it acts as though it cannot find the .htpasswd file.

    My current .htaccess looks like this:
    AuthName "Administration"
    AuthType Basic
    AuthUserFile C:/~WebsiteRoot/postcard/admin/.htpasswd
    Require valid-user

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