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Thread: Need to total numbers

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    Need to total numbers

    Hello all,

    As the newbie I am, I need some help.. What I'm trying to do is to make a list where users can enter a number, and then, when they submit, it will add to a total. The total should always show with the latest total. I've been searching and trying for almost two days, but no luck (being sick doesn't help the cause either..).. Anyone got any good suggestions for me?

    Thanks in advance!

    Odd Inge

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    i suggest you look at some simple javascript tutorials (its not my strong point so i'm not the best to help)

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    Is this total supposed to be saved somewhere or is it just for display to the user?
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    You won't get this done in HTML.. you'll definitely need a PHP or Javascript script.

    As with the user above, JS is in no way my strong-point, but I hope I've directed you to some help

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    Ok, I see that I need to learn some new stuff to get it done..

    Thanks anyway, guys!

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    Quote Originally Posted by oddinge
    Ok, I see that I need to learn some new stuff to get it done.
    You have that a little wrong. You get to learn some new stuff to get it done. This is an occasion for much rejoicing.
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