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Thread: BG Color not working

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    BG Color not working

    Hi there,

    www.srobinson.net. Ive set the BG color but its not changing at the bottom of the screen. Any idea why?

    At last.. I can make my text bold

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    -Haven't figured out why it isn't working with your code, nor have I figured out why this seems to work (condensed the background-image 'shorthand')

    body {
    background:#262e34 url('images/bg.gif') repeat-x;
    margin: 0;
    min-width: 983px;
    min-height: 543;

    -Are my eyes deceiving me or do you have 8 DIVs that each use a different-named image (identical image, -different sequential numbering) to create that gradient banner-bar across the top horizontal part?? This is unnecessary... you could have ONE div that stretches 80, 90 or 100% across the available width of the user's monitor and use ONE image slice, tiling repeat-x. I am talking about one image that is one or two pixels wide, and maybe 60 pr 70-pixels tall... repeating. This would save alot of coding and reduce the http calls to the host (fewer images to load = faster-loading page, reduced bandwidth consumption, etc). Or, -almost as good, -simply retain the 8 DIVs as-is and use the same image in each. This, too, would save http requests as, -once cached, the same image used repeated is loaded from the user's browser (faster, uses less RAM, etc)
    I'm sure that's not quite the case as a few images ARE vertical images, but the same image can be used over, repeatedly, for similar functions. hmm.
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    I used FireBug to edit your CSS in real-time and if you just use this code for your body css, it works:
    body {
    	background: #262e34 url('images/bg.gif') repeat-x; 
            margin: 0;

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