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Thread: updating records

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    updating records


    I need some help trying to update records in my database via the web.
    I'm coding in notepad, and I would like to the admin of the website to be able to click upon the record they want to update and then be taken to a new page that lets them edit all of the fields within the database for that record.

    All the examples I seem to find are only to update a age to a set amount, if anyone has a link to a tutorial that would help or can give me any advice that would be great.

    thank you

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    you initially need to generate a page with all the records (displaying probably just the primary key or identifying value) Each could be a link passing the unique identifying through on the query string to the update page

    Then the "Update Page" would involve having a form with a bunch of text or combo boxes that are prefilled with corresponding values from the particular record selected

    Then do an UPDATE query that inserts all the values back into the database (overwriting the ones already in there for that particular record)

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    Thanks for your help.

    I've got it working now with a drop down menu.

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