Hello all,

So I don't have a specific question here, unless someone wants some freelance work

My current website - www.HookedOnWinter.com - is starting to get some regular hits, and it's time to make the site actually work. I have a bunch of 3rd party features, such as a wiki (MediaWiki), a forum (SMF Forums), classifieds (not live yet, but Noah's Classifieds), and a picture uploading area (1/2 live, Coppermine Photo Gallery). My current problem is that:

1) Users need to register for each area rather than just once
2) Users need to login to each area separately

The solution, I think, would be to create a login/registration page separate from all of these areas which would populate all the registration tables OR convince each area to read off the same table, and likewise the same session data. I can conceptualize this just fine, I just have no idea how to actually accomplish this.

So, my question for you, illustrious WebDeveloper.com forum readers, is Where do I go about learning such techniques, Are there any keywords/variables/etc. that will make my search for this "backdoor" easier, and What else would you like to tell me?

Thanks in advance for your advice,