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Thread: background color showing through in IE6

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    background color showing through in IE6

    In IE6 this page has a thin white line showing through on the right side. I'm at a loss.


    From what I gleaned googling around, this isn't an uncommon problem but none of the solutions offered have worked.

    Any suggestions?
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    img {display:block;}

    added to STYLE usually gets rid of this.

    if that does work, move the images 1-px to the left:

    <img src="images/bottom_left.jpg" style="float: left; margin-right:1px" alt="More Demand" />
    <img src="images/bottom_right.jpg" style="float: right; margin-right:1px;" alt="More Demand" />
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    Ok I tried that before and it had no effect, but now it's fixed the My Profile page. However, on the Interaction page...


    the problem persists. Notice that this doesn't happen on other pages (About Us, Contact Us) that have the column on the right.

    I changed the padding in #columns.nosidebar to:

    #columns.nosidebar { padding: 0 0 0 115px; }

    and suddenly the problem disappeared on Interaction. Strangely enough it ignored the * html hack. I really can't put into words how much I hate IE6.

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    Btw thanks for your help for the 20th time

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