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Thread: No reservations within 1 hour of departure

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    No reservations within 1 hour of departure

    I have built a shuttle reservation system. I would like to not allow reservations to be made if they are within 1 hour of the departure time.

    In other words, if a user is trying to reserve a seat on the 12:00 shuttle and it's 11:00 or later, I would like to stop the reservation process.

    All my times are just straight values, like 6:00, 9:00, 12:00, 3:00. They are not "time formats", just numbers. And my days, months and years are just numbers as well, like (Days 01,02,03...10, 11,12) (Months 01,02,03...10,11,12) (Years 2007,2008,2009...).

    I just need to write an If statement that will check the server time against the time the user chooses and the current day, month and year.
    So something like this:

    PHP Code:
    $time $_POST['time'];
    $day $_POST['day'];
    $month $_POST['month'];
    $year $_POST['year'];

    $timecheck ' '.date('g:i').' ';
         if (
    $timecheck == 
    Can someone help me with this script?
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    I'm not in the right mindset to work out the code atm i will have a play in a minute but this should provide a useful insight into what you need:

    also you need to have if
    ($timecheck <= $expire)
    //allow booking

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    Thanks grumpyoldtechs but I don't think I need to use the timestamp function. That method seems overly complicated when I only need to determine if the user is within the hour of the departure.
    I'm messing with some statements now in a crude way using subtraction from the date() function.
    I would like to see what you can come up with.
    Thanks so much.

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    I think I have solved it. Not really the proper way to go about this but it works for me. I am simply grabbing the date and time from the server then getting the time the user posted. Then changing the users time by 1 hour just to check it against the server time. If it is equal to that hour then the error pops up. If it passes then I change the $time variable back to the original time the user posted.

    PHP Code:
    $timecheck ''.date('d m Y g').'';
    $time = ($time-1);
    $userselect "$day $month $year $time";
        if (
    $userselect == $timecheck) {
    "print out the error here......";
    }   else {
    $time $_POST['time'];

    It seems to work just fine.

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