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Thread: Suggestion to solve all the IE only websites.

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    Suggestion to solve all the IE only websites.


    As you know, there are many websites which are not write good and contain bed Javascript.

    The main problem with Javascript is the "expando" which allow create custom attributes and methods to exist objects.
    Therefore IE only Javascript code is not mark as mistake and the page is not work as except.

    There are two possible solutions:

    1. Create Javascript script which build all the non w3c attributes and methods.

    2. Create a script which change all the the non supported to the corresponding methods and attributes.

    The second is better.

    Although both are not simple, you can suggest it to Google summer of code and get pay of the work.

    After that, there will no excuse to any website to have bad Javascript.



    I also posted this here:
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    There is no such thing as IE only JS code, since IE doesn't use JavaScript. It uses JScript, which is M$ version of JavaScript, which they created because they were upset that they didnt create JavaScript first. So, IE will never fully integrate with JS. M$ won't take another ego blow and admit that JS is better the JScript. Either way, when a cross-browser version is not available, it is better to code for non-IE browsers and then apply small fixes for IE. No matter how hard you try, you will never be able to apply fixes for all of IEs f-ups.

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    It doesn't matter how Microsoft call to it.

    I suggested to create a program which transform from Jscript to JavaScript.

    The syntax is the same and there are only differences in objects and their methods and properties.

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    I guess you didn't understand good what I suggest.

    For example that any 'document.all.something' will convert to 'document.getElementById("something")'

    For advance case like 'innerHTML' will convert to methods to perform that.

    If there projects for converting one language to another, why not to make project to convert from Jscript to JavaScript.

    For example:

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    I found script which convert from vbscript to javascript:

    Work on IE only.

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