One of these I posted earlier today...I fixed alot of the problems on it. I know some of the links are bad...that will be fixed when it is put in the acctual shell. This is just a temporary the business owner can see it as functional as possible. And yes I'm going to fix the banner so it's not "just a bit to long" I also want to get it up and left..but it dosent want to seem to move.

Site 1:

This second site is one I did years ago. I know that base format of the 2 is about the same...but well, I'm self taught...and havent done this in years. In fact this site here was the last one I did before the above mentioned.

Site 2:

I'm not going to ask you to be nice, because I want to know. Just remember what I've said above before you go saying stuff like "Well, half you links dont work, or arnt even there" This is only day 3 of the first site.

Thanks guys