We have 2 frames. One on the left side which is a menu. The balance of the screen on the right is our contents page.

The menu comes from www.openoursite.com and the contents comes from www.apitherapy4me.com. Two different websites.

We want the www.apitherapy4me.com website to open on the right side with the menu from openoursite on the left.

When we click on a any menu item, the page comes from www.openoursite.com and we want this page to always replace the then current contents page on the right.

What happens is that the original contents page is not removed and a new window is opened instead, with the linked page. This we can not live with.

When we only open www.openoursite.com everything works fine, because we are getting all the linked menu items from the same website.

We think the problem occurs due to the fact that the first page opened in the contents page is from a different website.

We had it working in IE6, but with IE7 it doesn't work.

Anyone with a solution ????