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Thread: uploading images from webcam into database

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    uploading images from webcam into database

    Hey Guys!

    Does anyone know if and how I can send any images taken by a motion detection webcam into a database table (MS Access)?

    thanks for any idea


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    Well you won't really be able to store the images there per se since databases only store umm data like text. You can store the locations of the images in a database but the images would need to take up physical space on the server.
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    thanks for your input. That's not a problem I can upload the images on the
    server and link them to my db.

    I tested my webcam last night. Unfortunately, when the camera detected some motion, it started taking pictures until no more motion was detected. That was not good!

    This is what I need to do:
    1) someone enters the office
    2) webcam takes 1 shot
    3) shot is automatically entered into a database (either as a pic or file name)
    4) at a later moment, user will review the shots and add comments to each
    customer (i.e. potential customer, friend, etc.).

    Any idea on how to achieve this?



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