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Thread: help with menu idea

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    help with menu idea

    I'm very new to PHP and I want to set up a menu as a PHP include. This seems very straight forward in itself but I would like the link to the current page to be styled differently to the others. I think I need to use an if statement but not sure what to use as the variables etc. Is this actually possible?

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    I think what you mean is to have the button / link to the current paage highlighted to show you are on that page?
    If so, you could use something like this:
    PHP Code:
    "/*relative path to menu file*/";
    then the menu file:
    PHP Code:
    <a href="somewhere1"><div class="<?php if($_GLOBALS['highlightedlink'] == 1) {
    ?>">Link 1</div></a>
    <a href="somewhere2"><div class="<?php if($_GLOBALS['highlightedlink'] == 2) {
    ?>">Link 2</div></a>
    /*etc etc for all your links*/
    and then you could make a css file containing all the formatting for the classes link_1, link_2, etc.

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