Dear members,

I don't know what seems to be wrong with my toshiba laptop 1400-s151 (hardrive 2 years old but still works fine)with window xp home edition. I have verizon fios with 1 MB download speed and 5 MB browsing speed. What happens is, when the power adapter is connected with the laptop to supply power from the power cord and not from the batteries the internet speed works perfectly fine. However, when i disconnected the power adapter from the laptop when the batteries are recharged to 100% , a messages appears on bottom right (where are the icons are ex: time, norton virus icon etc) that a local area connection or a network cable is unplugged. After that I get disconnected for 2-3 seconds but then it reconnects itself back as if i just connected the ethernet cable to the laptop. However, thats besides the real problem which is the speed becomes noticably slow (like dial-up with download speed less the 80 kbs from the usual 700-900 kbs) and it stays slow until I plug back the power adapter when the battery power is runing low. (its as if i go back to dial-up when running on batteries and back to fios running on power adapters...weird!) And when i do plug back the power adapter it gives me yet again the same message (a local area connection or a network cable is unplugged ) for 2-3 seconds then reconnects itself as if i again just now connected the ethernet cable to the laptop. And since the laptop is now running on power adapter and not the batteries the speed comes back to normal (from pervious dial-up speed to FIOS verizon speed). It has been doing this for over an year and i dont know why and what causing this (ran norton virus and other spyware tools but nothing changes). Therefore, can someone please tell me what is causing this and how I can fix the problem? Anything will help! I will be waiting for your useful suggestions and remarks!