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Thread: Performance Difference between machines

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    Performance Difference between machines

    I was running some performance tests for the web application I work
    on, both on my desktop and laptop. I found that javascript processes
    MUCH slower on my desktop, even though it's a more powerful machine.
    The stats are as follows:

    Laptop: Pentium M, 1.86gHz, 1gb RAM, IE7
    Desktop: Pentium 4, 2.80gHz, 1gb RAM, IE6

    I have confirmed that co-workers with similar setups show the same
    results. Also, when I run javascript tests on both boxes (from
    http://andrew.hedges.name/experiment...est/index.html and
    others), my laptop returns a time of approximately 50% of my desktop.

    Also, if I test performance on a static HTML page, my desktop actually
    loads the page faster. So, the page is being returned/rendered faster
    on my desktop, but it just seems to be that client side code is
    running much slower there.

    I have checked and the browser or it's settings don't seem to be the
    issue (I tried my desktop with IE7, and I also confirmed that the
    settings appear to match)

    Also, my laptop has many apps running during these tests while my
    desktop doesn't, making me think that the desktop would be faster if

    Does anyone know what other settings, configurations, etc could be
    causing this?? Any input would be GREATLY appreciated!

    Thanks, Jeff

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    The Pentium M and the Pentium 4, while both called Pentium, are in fact completely different architectures. In fact, the newest line-up of Intel CPU's, the Core 2 Duo and Core 2 Solo CPU's, are based on the Pentium M architecture. Overall the Pentium M is more efficient, and in some applications it can even out-perform a desktop CPU.

    It could simply be that the Pentium M in your laptop happens to be especially good at parsing JavaScript in Internet Explorer. So rather than basing the performance of your laptop vs. your desktop on one particular process, it is best to use a number of processes for comparison.

    If you really want to see how the computers stack up, download PCMark05, the basic version is free and it'll measure a number of things, one of which is the CPU. It'll give you separate scores for each componant measured, and also an overall score. Chances are that your desktop will come out ahead.
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