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Thread: Output Strings to Page

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    Output Strings to Page

    Hi, Im currently using struts to allow a user to enter in some data through forms.

    I have a bean that that is an array with a bunch of strings.

    When I try to output it into the browser, it will ignore the spaces in the front of the string e.g.:

    " hello"
    " 1"

    But it outputs it as:


    on my html pages. How can I output my bean so that it maintains its format?

    Is there also a way I can get my output to be something similar as what the "quote" tags do but using code insteade.g.

    How can I format my output like this with this frame? But code style?
    Sorry if my english isn't too clear...!

    Thank you for any response!

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    I cant recall the exact syntax, its been several years when I did struts.
    the write tag has an attribute along the lines of filter="of" or something...any book will have that with the tag description..


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