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Thread: aspSmart Upload Maximum upload file size problem

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    aspSmart Upload Maximum upload file size problem

    Hi all,

    I use aspSmart Upload and I installed it by moving the DLL files to the system32 folder. I have error message because of the file size is too much. Previously I was checking the FAQ in aspsmart.com but the site is closed now. Anybody have an idea how I can maximize the total file size uploaded?


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    Im not sure if this web site is refering to the same upload control your using or not but worth a look.

    If so and your using IIS6 then here is a solution. (Look at question 2)


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    Thank you this is the right thing. There was a need of value change in "AspMaxRequestEntityAllowed" in Metabase.xml. I am writing what to do for the people who has the same problem.

    Open MetaBase.xml which is located in c:\Windows\System32\Inetsrv find the line "AspMaxRequestEntityAllowed" and change it to "1073741824".
    And restart the IIS (that's what I did.)

    And it works without any problem. Thanks again.

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    SmartUpload, has the feature where you can define the size of file.
    If increasing file size in SmartUpload does not reslove this issue, then you need to configure file size in IIS settings.

    Hope this helps

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