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Thread: Header trouble

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    Header trouble

    Hello All,

    I seem to be getting my 'headers' in a twist. please see and

    In IE5 for Mac the "View Products" button 'floats' around when you resize the pages and the header stretches or squashes depending on how much content there is in the body.

    I do not think you can see this in Windows. Also sometimes the "View Products" button is only half showing.

    At the moment it works fine for most people, but as a mac user myself I would be offended if I did not solve this. Obviously it needs to work on all the latest browsers.

    Any ideas?


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    As a matter of fact the "view product" button seems off on both IE6 on windows and NS6+(mozilla1.3) browsers..
    Make sure your css is valid ususally if it works in Netscape it should work with most of th ebrowsers...


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