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Thread: Site review please.

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    Site review please.

    This is the first site I've ever made, so be kind

    Just a personal site to put a collection of my work:

    It's simple, but it works.

    I know I should get a paid domain, but until the site matures, I'm going to leave it at the free no-ip domain.

    Thanks in advance for any constructive criticism.

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    There's not much to it.....

    I suggest you work on creating a design, and applying it to every page. I also suggest you put the Google ads at the bottom of each page, rather than the top.

    * My screen resolution is set at 1680x1050
    * I'm accessing your site through a T1 line
    * I'm probably viewing it using Firefox (unless browser is specified)

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    I reckon you should try to do it without frames, but that's a personal opinion and agree about the google ads.

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