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Thread: Dynamic text resizing?

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    Dynamic text resizing?

    I found this website that the government has called 508, it deals with accessibility for website and such. I'm trying to incorporate something very similar to what they have on there page that would allow the end user to change font sizes. But, I need to accomplish this with out the use of JavaScripting. Does anyone have any ideas on how that might be accomplished? I'm thinking you could maybe use multiple style sheets, but it still seems like you would need some Javascripting to make that happen since the changes would be client side.

    Here's the website: http://www.section508.gov/

    Any ideas or leads would be greatly appreciated.

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    The best way would be the use of client-side scritping, JavaScript.

    You could use server-side scripting to accomplish this; however, this would require the page to reload itself after a font-change-click.

    There is AJAX, but that needs JavaScript as well.

    You can use multiple style sheets, but you would need a client-side way of switching the style sheets, which of course is JavaSript. Or create duplicate pages of content and when the user clicks a button or link, they are redirect to the bigger/smaller font sized page; however, that would double/triple/etc your work load due to the use of duplicating content.

    I believe you would have to use some JavaScript to accomplish this.
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