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Thread: Please check my webpage

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    Please check my webpage

    I am not sure if the problem I am having has to do with css or iframes.

    This is my first attempt at using iframes, but I have been using simple css for over a year. Now, I am attempting to combine them and am having trouble with the position of the element on the page. (This css nav menu is new to me as well...got it from here http://projectseven.com/tutorials/na...ide/index.htm).

    Anyway, could someone please look at this web page and help me figure out why the horizontal menu is so low (and not visible) and why the drop down sub-menus are dropping behind other elements so they cannot be seen?


    Here is what the menu should look like:

    (also this menu "jumps" a little when you hover...any thoughts on that?)


    P.S. I kinda wanted to use SSI to add this menu, but I did not want to have to change every page extension to shtml since this site has been around for a few years and there are links to it all over the place in marketing materials, etc.
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    If you're using htaccess to set up your SSI you can tell the server parse .htm and .html pages so you don't have to rename them.
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