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Thread: Shopping Cart + ASP Array

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    Shopping Cart + ASP Array

    I'm attempting to build a shipping cart using ASP.

    I want to store some objects in an array, but every time I attempt this it fails.

    1st asp page
    Class cart
    dim id
    dim name
    dim comment
    end class
    2nd asp page

    set blah = new cart
    blah.id = 123
    blah.name = "lala"
    blah.comment = "something"
    Dim newArray()
    ReDim Perserve newArray(0)
    newArray(0) = blah
    my error occurs when I attempt to put the object in the array. Is it possible for an array to hold objects, I don't see why it couldn't.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Figured out my error. My syntax knowledge is weak!

    Please close this thread as it's solved.

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