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Thread: Developer Certification?

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    Arrow Developer Certification?

    This post is two fold.

    1) For seasoned web developers/designers, are any of you "certified" by any accredited university/firm/whatever. I happened to come across this link: http://www.joinwow.org and it got me wondering if something like that would be worth my while.

    I'll be graduating college soon and I really have no idea how to make my life in the world that is web design/development. Would something like this help me get a job?

    2) Anyone WOW certified or know anything about it? Just looking for some more information on it.

    I appreciate your comments.

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    Certification's are benchmarks of knowledge...

    As an instructor, I can tell you there are things in a classroom you can learn easier and faster than learning it on your own. In most cases, however due to when classes are offered at a school or a website, it may not fit for your life.

    If you want to be useful in your local job market, I suggest this... Call around or look in the paper for what local companies are looking for! from there you can sharpen or add to your skills.

    I would hate to see you spend the money and not have a marketable trade to use in your area.
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    Just talking about the calssroom statement pete mentioned and though I would put my cent and a half in... I learned vb in the class room and am learning java there, but I found that moving from vb to asp.net was more fun to do at home because I moved at my own pace...

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