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Thread: Help with function please...

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    Help with function please...

    Hi all,

    Was hoping someone could help me. Im kind of new to php and im stuck.

    What im trying to do is an 'If then' statement i think. I have an array and ive created a variable called $rounds which is pulling its value from the array $rounds[1][0].

    The value of $rounds[1][0] will equal (1,2,3...19,20,21,Quarter-Final, Semi-Final, Grand-Final).

    Now my aim is to have the text "Round " be written as "Round 1", "Round 2" etc etc if $round equals the numbers 1-21, otherwise if $round equals Quarter-Final, Semi-Final, Grand-Final then for it just to remain as is without the "Round " written before it. I have come up with the following which doesnt work:

    PHP Code:
        if (
    $rounds="Round $rounds";
        elseif (
    Hope that makes sense. Any help appreciated

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    something like this:

    if ($round >= 1 && $round <= 21) 
      {echo('Round $round');}
      else {echo('$round');}
    i have no idea im new too but this makes sense to me

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    Thanks alot Spliff, worked perfectly mate

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