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Thread: an active pop up section URGENTLY NEEDED!!!

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    an active pop up section URGENTLY NEEDED!!!

    Any1 can help me with this

    In the main HTML page I am asked to have an ‘UPLOAD button’. Once I clock on this button another form should pop up where the user has to enter the title of an activity, its date, the URL that has the detailed info about the activity and an accept button. Again once I click on accept, I should go back to the main page, and only the date and the title of the activity should appear in the main HTML page and when I click on the title of the activity in the main HTML page, this should take me to the page that has the info about the activity.

    Thanks a lot

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    If you are going to store this data, you'll need to be using a server side language - PHP, ASP, ASP.Net, JAVA, JSP....
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    thanks alot for the reply,
    am sort of familiar with php, but still couldn't know the strategy to follow
    any idea


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