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Thread: Need help doing a student register

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    Need help doing a student register

    Hi guys I've got an assignment that I've been struggling with for a few weeks now. half of my class has two years PHP experience and the other half, two weeks! Guess what half I'm in!


    I have set up a student registry system where students need to register their student ID and their password in order to register themselves for that day.

    Student ID, Date and Time are all then stored in a Register table.

    I have also set up a user table where the First name, last name, Student ID, Password, Year and Class are stored.

    For the administrators (supposedly the teachers) I've set up a simple log in and they are then allowed access to features such as Add, Delete and edit student records.

    However, this is not what my lecturer is looking for and god knows why he doesn't help us with this (yes I'm incredibly annoyed with him!). He wants some sort of statistics page that will be generated for each student when a teacher wants to look at their attendance records and get stuff like Average attendance throughout the week/year. How often a student was late (logged in after 8.50am). He wants graphs (I have access to GD library although, not the slightest clue how to take advantage of it or even use it!) and loads of other things!

    Any help on where I should start next would be greatly appreciated!

    Many, many thanks

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    Hi Jonathan!
    I am also struggling with my task, its almost same with urs. I had posted in this forum also, but i didnt get any replies. If u got sloution for this, please send it to me.
    Thanks in advance!

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    lol! same to you too then!

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    I think the reason you haven't gotten a response is because you haven't asked something specific. Generally we are here to help you when you're stuck. Asking for help about "graphs and loads of other things!" doesn't really help us .

    Start your project, and if you're facing a specific problem, post a specific question.

    Good luck.
    The beauty of code is in its simplicity.

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    Yeah I know mate, thanks for that though, I know it's a pain in the rear when a post is so vague! I gathered that after a few hours and posted two problems that I encountered:

    Please see...


    There are two problems on there, actually I should really break them down cos I'm not really getting much response to my latest posts.

    I got a problem with..

    session_start(); // startsession
    $time= date("Hi"); 
    if ($time > 0850) { 
         $latecount = 1; 
         $latecount = 0; 
    if ($time > 0850) { 
         $late = "Late"; 
         $late = "On Time"; 
    I'm then outputting this to the table when a user logs in, at half 7 this morning it still said I was late when I tried it, can anyone show me where I'm going wrong?

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