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Thread: AJAX menu or Javascript menu?

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    AJAX menu or Javascript menu?

    Guess my question is which is better to implement? What are some pros and cons?

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    JavaScript menus tend to be quicker. All the HTML for the menu is on the page when the user loads it. AJAX menus are slower since you have to wait for each layer of the menu to load. I'd say stick with pure JavaScript if the HTML and JavaScript for the menu isn't so large it slows the page rendering down. If you've ever been to deviantart.com, they use an AJAX menu that I think is well implemented. Their menu has a monstrous number of levels and items, though. It's really your call. Which one performs better from a user's perspective? That's the perspective that counts.

    And, will the menu be keyboard accessible, and will it degrade gracefully if JavaScript is not supported? Since search engine crawlers are the most numerous and important JS-disabled user agents visiting your site, you don't want your navigation written to your page with JavaScript. Search engines won't be able to follow any of the links. You'll want to use a series of lists and links to ensure accessibility.

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