Trying to get FFMPEG working in my UNIX server. Eventually compiled it, but couldn't get audio. So installed Lame. Also needed FAAC and FAAD, but couldn't make the makefiles. Anyway, resorted to RPM files and after installing 1001 dependencies settled for the latest version I can find: ffmpeg-0.4.9-0.8.20070109.e14.rf.i386.rpm - installed OK.

All good then? Well no. I want to convert files from popular formats to flv for integration on a classifieds web site. Sound is required. A lot of people use 3gp, but I seem to have issues with SOME 3gp files like the one from my SE K800i. The input stream #0.1 (audio) is unrecognised, even if I force -acodec mp3. But I have another 3gp file (converted from a YouTube FLV file ages ago) and it works fine. It is important that this works ...


I don't know, probably either:

* A way of getting audio for 3gp -> flv working, perhaps newer RPM file (can't compile due to so many dependencies)
* An alternative, even if not open source (I don't mind paying). Just must be command line and work on my UNIX box.

Any ideas?